BuildWoW takes on our biggest challenge to date!

Building Walls of Wisdom is proud to announce our 3rd project in northern Ghana, in the community of Adubiliyili, where community members often survive on an annual income of less than $400 dollars and the majority of people cannot read or write. We have decided to take on the challenge of building and repairing an entire school block, consisting of three classrooms!

The decision to take on this project seemed like a significant one given that this is three times the size of any project we have completed. However, once we learned the compelling story behind Adubiliyili and the impact this project will have on the community the decision came quite easily.

In 2004, this community came together to raise funds and ultimately construct their first school. Through the use of mud blocks they were able to erect a simple school house that everyone was proud to send their children to.

Last month, a tragic thing happened. A massive storm hit one evening, decimating the school block they worked so hard to create. The main building had collapsed destroying all of the furniture and learning materials housed within it (fortunately this happened during the evening when class was out). The one remaining school house that made it through the storm is riddled with giant cracks and is at risk of collapsing itself. To learn more about this community and to see some pictures of what currently remains, please visit our project page.

This community has had one of their most cherished institutions taken away overnight by a storm. We encourage everyone to share this story, make a contribution, and help us build something that will stand the test of time.

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