Adubiliyili – Video Update

Please watch and share our most recent video update about our current project in Adubiliyili. It is with your help that we can hope to get a new school block constructed as soon as possible! To learn more about this project, please click here. To contribute, please click here.

Tua build complete! – Video Update

Tua Primary now has two new classrooms thanks to Building Walls of Wisdom contributors! Please enjoy a video update that was filmed when our Executive Director, Russ, visited the Tua Primary this past November. The finishing touches of the school were put on just after the video below was filmed – enjoy! Thanks again to […]

Dungu – Video Update

We are pleased to announce that the classroom we have constructed in almost complete! Please enjoy a video update that was filmed when our Executive Director, Russ, visited the Dungu this past November. Thank you to all who helped make this project a reality.

Ecuador: Class is in session!

250 students in the community of Chismaute in Ecuador are enjoying their new school thanks to BuildWoW contributors. We are happy to share with you the photo below along with the 2011 report for this community. Through the hard work of the local community and our partners, this construction for this project finished in January […]

Adubiliyili video update!

The story behind the small community of Adubiliyili is truly compelling. As you may know this hardworking community built their initial school block only to see it one building crumble and another severely compromised in a storm this past May. This is a big reason why BuildWoW has taken on this project; our largest project […]

Hard work turns one classroom into two! (Tua update)

In amazing turn of events, BuildWoW is proud to announce that thanks to the members of the Tua community we are now building two classrooms! During the initial stages of construction volunteers from the community dug the foundation, mixed cement and provided general labour saving us enough money in labour costs to fund a second […]

BuildWoW takes on our biggest challenge to date!

Building Walls of Wisdom is proud to announce our 3rd project in northern Ghana, in the community of Adubiliyili, where community members often survive on an annual income of less than $400 dollars and the majority of people cannot read or write. We have decided to take on the challenge of building and repairing an […]

Another step in the right direction.

We are excited to announce that we have secured the funding necessary to build the 357 students and teachers at Dungu primary a new school building! The completion of this project marks the halfway point for our goal of building 10 schools by 2019. Years ago the residents of this small community in northern Ghana […]