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Geoff Morgan
geoff [at] buildwow [dot] com
Geoff Morgan has spent his career traveling the world teaching and volunteering in a number countries, he holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and is currently living in Ontario, Canada. The inequality in access to education he has witnessed amongst the world’s impoverished has served as the catalyst in creating Building Walls of Wisdom. With his engaging stories he has inspired, and challenged thousands of people to create a more compassionate world in which all humanity can achieve basic living standards.

Russ Morgan
Founding Executive Director
russ [at] buildwow [dot] com
Russ Morgan is a business professional working in Toronto. He holds an honours marketing degree from the University of Ottawa and has recently completed his MBA at the Rotman School of Management. Russ’ involvement in Building Walls of Wisdom stems from his understanding of the true disparity that exists between countries and communities around the world and his desire to change it.

Ken Fernandez
Director of Chapter Relations & Development
ken [at] buildwow [dot] com
Ken Fernandez is an international educator and a life long learner who believes education is imperative to the understanding and ending of global inequalities. Currently, the Elementary Principal at Lincoln School in Kathmandu, Nepal, Ken works diligently to educate, inspire and empower students to become global citizens. Through service learning projects and organizations such as Roots & Shoots, GIN, and BuildWoW, Ken focuses on helping students identify their ‘cause’, create their goals, then design their plan of action. Whether it’s generating awareness, fundraising or volunteering time, he models cognitive behaviors that can be experienced and used by anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.


  • Dear Wall Of Wisdom Board Members,

    My name is Kittipak Tantichot (Land). I am from the International School Bangkok. I have started the club Building Wall of Wisdom ISB, with Panop Phongpettra, (who earlier contacted for permission) where we both are Co. Presidents. Also, Ms. Serrano, our science teacher, is very kind to help us out, in our meetings.

    So far, we have nineteen members, but our club is continuing to grow!

    Bhatis Supasorn (Milo) also designed a logo for the wall of wisdom ISB.

    So far we will be hosting our very first bake sale to support repairment of the school in Nicaruga! We will be having have brownies, cookies, and cupcakes! We will be sending all our proceeds to the wall of wisdom organization.

    Is there anything else that we could help on, to support the wall of wisdom organization? After the bake sale we will be continuing to find new ideas of how to help.

    Thank you very much for introducing us to the Wall of wisdom! We will do all we can to help out.

    Best regards,
    Kittipak Tantichot (Land)

    Kittipak Tantichot (Land)April 3, 2014

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