What can happen in a decade?

I’m sure by now you’ve come across at least a couple of friends that have posted a 10-year-old photo and commented on how much they’ve changed over the years. We thought, given that this year will mark our 10th anniversary, that we’d share what’s changed globally when it comes to extreme poverty. Spoiler alert – we’re […]

[Video Update] Los Laureles

As we find ourselves in the midst of the holiday season, many people around the world reflect upon what they are greatful for. At Building Walls of Wisdom, we’re grateful for all of those who came together to fund a school for a community in need. Despite the political challenges Nicaragua is having, we’re happy to […]

Back to School 2018

A step closer to a dream coming true. A year ago, we shared the story of Gema Picado. Her dream was to bring the community of Las Noventas a new school to give all the children in the area with access to education. We are happy to say that, earlier this year we reached our fundraising goal, bringing us […]

Manguli is now fully renovated!

Through your help, we’ve managed to transform the school block at Manguli Primary. The school is now completely safe and children are, once again, attending class regularly. None of this would have been possible without our spectacular BuildWoW community – thank you to everyone who contributed. You can view the finished project below or view […]

Kpanduli now has a 2-classroom pavilion!

We are happy to report that construction has been completed in Kpanduli, Ghana! During the construction of this project the community opted to build a two-class pavilion (versus a single school house) to benefit up to 100 students. We are delighted that so many kindergarten students are now attending class in this new structure. Thanks […]

Construction is underway in Kpanduli!

We are happy to report that construction is underway for the new kindergarten classroom in the community of Kpanduli in northern Ghana. We expect construction to be completed and students to start using the building within the next month. Until then, please enjoy a video and some pictures of the community and construction. Thanks again […]

Jewels for Schools

Thank you, Zeina Moussa, for sponsoring yet another amazing jewelry event! Over 30 customers attend this annual jewelry sale in Abu Dhabi, which featured several local artisans. Eman Shawkat gave a percentage of her sales and donated a piece that was sold with all funds going to BuildWoW. Sarah Sjostrand from Sno of Sweden did […]

BuildWOW’s 100 Champions Fulfill Dreams in Nicaragua

In January 2015 Building Walls of Wisdom launched its first 100 Champions of Change Campaign. We invited 100 people to join us in transforming the lives of 200 children in the small community of Arenera, Nicaragua by committing to a $200 hundred-dollar donation. We were thrilled by the response as people from all over the […]

Bringing friends together to celebrate an amazing career!

How do you bring friends together to say thanks to someone who literally has everything and has friends all over the world? This was the challenge for the American International School of Kuwait when their beloved Superintendent Russ McLean retired in Spring 2015. Thanks to the efforts of his administrative secretary, Tammy Asad, there was […]

Tawfikiya is now renovated!

This project was completed way back in April 2014, so needless to say, this update is long overdue! We’re happy to share some photos from the our completed project in the community of Towfikia in Northern Ghana. This community now has a completed pavilion, some new desks, and a new roof for their existing school […]