Northern Ghana

Dungu – Video Update

We are pleased to announce that the classroom we have constructed in almost complete! Please enjoy a video update that was filmed when our Executive Director, Russ, visited the Dungu this past November. Thank you to all who helped make this project a reality.

BuildWoW takes on our biggest challenge to date!

Building Walls of Wisdom is proud to announce our 3rd project in northern Ghana, in the community of Adubiliyili, where community members often survive on an annual income of less than $400 dollars and the majority of people cannot read or write. We have decided to take on the challenge of building and repairing an […]

Construction begins in Tua!

The construction at Tua Primary in Northern Ghana has started! Teams are have started molding the blocks that will be used as the walls for this new building that will be enjoyed by students and faculty alike. Since this is the most time consuming part of the construction phase, we predict the new school will […]

Tua Primary – Ghana

A new year also brings Building Walls of Wisdom a new project! With the successful completion of the fundraising required for the Sri Lanka project just last month, we thought we would start this year off right with an updated website and another great opportunity to help a community in need. This year we will […]