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Building Walls of Wisdom is proud to have a number of individuals that have made a substantial contribution to one or several projects. They have all been kind enough to share a brief description as to why they have made their contribution(s) and ultimately believe in ending poverty through education. If you would like to learn how you can become a featured contributor, please visit our contribution page.


Bradley Newel
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“I think people should live life with a purpose. Whatever that purpose may be, it should be for the right reasons. I personally feel that I’m in a win win situation with my current situation, which is coaching ice hockey in the Middle East. I love to coach ice hockey and the Abu Dhabi Ice Hockey Federation just happen to pay me and that money goes directly to Building Walls of Wisdom….. Life is good. I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization. Thank you Walls of Wisdom for changing lives in a positive manner!”


Brent & Rosalee van Staalduinen
Seoul, Korea

“There is no greater calling than helping children develop their skills, talents, and minds, equipping them to discover the world for themselves. We are honored to partner with an organization that seeks to bring education to places where it is needed most, to help future leaders break the cycle of poverty through education and discovery.”


Camp Quality New Heights
Ontario, Canada

“ Camp Quality New Heights is a leadership and teen development camp for families affected by childhood cancer. Our goal is to teach our campers to strive for quality in themselves, their actions and their relationships. We asked Russ to share the story of Building Walls of Wisdom to encourage our campers to make a difference in the lives of others, and to demonstrate how much good can be shared when we strive to be the best that we can be. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to help other children through Building Walls of Wisdom, and so grateful for the fantastic message that Russ has shared with us. Thank you!!”


Christine Flynn
Toronto, Canada

“I am honoured to be part of Building Walls of Wisdom. Education truly is the key to diminishing poverty around the world and this organization is an excellent way to reach out and help people in need. As an educator, it is a wonderful feeling to know that children in need will be able to have facilities and the means to be able to go to school. We are reaching those children who are truly eager and appreciate the opportunity to learn.”


Darrell & Vonda Roddick
Seoul, Korea

“My family has been privileged to have been born into stability, economically, socially, politically and we have been blessed by a life time of quality education. This education and the work opportunities to us through it has enabled us to get out into the world and see that there are many who cannot take basics of food and shelter for granted. When I first heard of the plan for BWoW, I felt what a good, simple plan to directly help people better their opportunities for successes in life. So much can be done with so little.”


David & Jennifer Mcknight
Doha, Qatar

“Jen and I are thrilled and honored in becoming contributing members of “Walls of Wisdom.” We are thankful for Geoff’s educational intiative and look forward to helping build more schools in the future. It is inspiring to see our fellow collegues contribute together to help educate kids who are far less fortunate than ourselves and the students that we teach.”


Denis & Abby Villeneuve
Toronto, Canada

“Poverty is unnecessary. We feel that building schools is a great first step to help impoverished communities learn and get the right guidance on how to become self-sustainable together”


Emma Wilmot
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“As a teacher myself, I feel that education is fundamental to minimize poverty in this world. I am honored to be committed to BWoW’s goal of opening a school every year. Our small actions will prove to have immense results.”


Geoff Morgan
Toronto, Canada

“History has taught us that education is the great equalizer in life. It raises income levels, stimulates economic growth, improves child and maternal health, boots resistance to disease, and creates more sustainable environmental practices.”


Grade 5D Dynamos!
Hong Kong, China

“The 5D Dynamos created a few year-long goals for their 10 months in Grade 5 at The Canadian International School of Hong Kong. One of those goals was to contribute to a charity that helps facilitate opportunities for learning through education initiatives and the creation of learning spaces. We are so happy to have learned about what Building Walls of Wisdom is doing to help children and promote education. It has inspired us to think beyond donations, which are always important, to additional ways that we can combine our efforts; raise awareness and work towards positive changes in the world.”


Groove Diggers
Toronto, Canada

“Micro philanthropy such as this is truly humbling. Many people contributed to our BWOW fundraiser…the Groovediggers band, the friends who came out, the Rockpile nightclub and our company Espresso which matched contributions dollar for dollar. Taking literacy for granted while making a living in advertising now seems ironic. We had fun! We’ll do it again! Why don’t you?”


James Matlock
Texas, USA

“Supporting Building Walls of Wisdom has been and continues to be a rewarding experience.  Helping the children of this world to a brighter future through education is my life’s passion and I am thankful for playing a small part in this noble project. ‘The human contribution is the essential ingredient.  It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.’ – Ethel Percy Andrus”


Mr. Fernandez’s 3rd Grade Class
Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Gift giving as fundraising! During the holidays parents and students often express appreciation for their teachers through gift giving. This past year in an effort to raise global awareness and understanding of educational inequalities Mr. Fernandez’s class didn’t buy him a card, a mug, cologne, or any other gift. Instead, they gave a gift through a donation to Building Walls of Wisdom”


Rick & Annette Wilmot
Brantford, Canada

“Education enriches everyone’s lives! We are proud to be part of this worthy cause and look forward to seeing these children learn and grow; so that they may one day build their own Walls of Wisdom.”



Russ Morgan
Singapore, Singapore

“It is the responsibility of everyone to help those that are less fortunate. Education is the key to eliminating extreme poverty and Building Walls of Wisdom is continuing to take steps in that direction. Although the goal of 10 schools may seem small, it will make an immense difference in the lives of the children and communities where they are built.”



Shanti Van Dijk
Shanghi, China

“It is a privilege and an honour to be a part of Building Walls of Wisdom. Access to education in so many impoverished countries is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. I am so glad that this organization is able to help give so many children a better opportunity for learning and therefore an increased chance at survival and a better life. Education is the foundation and a school makes that foundation easier to provide and access. Keep up the great work, Building Walls of Wisdom!”


Steven Staples
London, England

“I am delighted to help. It’s important for me to believe in people that can do good for others in this harsh world, and especially for children. I hope in the future I can help in a different way other than a few coppers, but for now this is what I am very pleased to give.”


Tim Murphy
Kuwait City, Kuwait

“As a teacher, first hand I see the value of education. It gives children and adolescents hope and empowerment. I’m thrilled to be part of such a great group of contributors.”



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