Another step in the right direction.

We are excited to announce that we have secured the funding necessary to build the 357 students and teachers at Dungu primary a new school building! The completion of this project marks the halfway point for our goal of building 10 schools by 2019.

Years ago the residents of this small community in northern Ghana constructed a temporary mud-based preschool to accommodate the overflow of their growing population. In recent years, with the wear of rain and wind, this mud building will not survive another rainy season. To learn more about this undertaking please visit our project page, or take a couple of minutes to listen some of the members of the community in the video below.

Thanks to your generous contributions Building Walls of Wisdom will be able to dramatically renovate this building by solidifying the structure, installing large windows and adding shutters to protect the young inhabitants from the rain. In addition, we will equip the classroom with chalkboards, new desks and provide students with a variety of learning materials.

This investment in education will impact the Dungu community for generations to come. With a positive educational foundation, the future of the children living in Dungu has never been more promising.

Thank you to all the students, educators, and those of you who bought your mom a brick, thank you for organizing fundraisers, for being long-term loyal supporters and for joining us for the first time, together we have taken a step towards building a more just and compassion world.

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