Building Walls of Wisdom

Three years of Eradicating Poverty Through Education

We don’t just see the world. We interpret it through our ideas and beliefs, which are shaped by our culture, our education, and by the people who surround us. All of these barriers stand between us and the raw experiences of the world. They act as filters impacting how we perceive, how we think and […]

Ecuador: Class is in session!

250 students in the community of Chismaute in Ecuador are enjoying their new school thanks to BuildWoW contributors. We are happy to share with you the photo below along with the 2011 report for this community. Through the hard work of the local community and our partners, this construction for this project finished in January […]

Adubiliyili video update!

The story behind the small community of Adubiliyili is truly compelling. As you may know this hardworking community built their initial school block only to see it one building crumble and another severely compromised in a storm this past May. This is a big reason why BuildWoW has taken on this project; our largest project […]

Another step in the right direction.

We are excited to announce that we have secured the funding necessary to build the 357 students and teachers at Dungu primary a new school building! The completion of this project marks the halfway point for our goal of building 10 schools by 2019. Years ago the residents of this small community in northern Ghana […]

Full Circle for Building Walls of Wisdom founder in Kenya

A message from BWoW’s founder. Sitting in a coffee shop two years ago I started composing an email about my experiences with poverty and how they had affected me. I shared that after a decade of traveling the world in search of a more meaningful understanding of the world we inhabit, how nothing had affected […]

FebFast fundraiser – a great success!

Tim Munnerlyn challenged his colleagues at the American Community School of Abu Dhabi to give up alcohol for the month of February. Borrowing the idea from an initiative he learned about while visiting Australia he pledged to have a healthy start to 2011 by abstaining from consuming any booze for 28 days and invited anyone […]

There is a new school in Sri Lanka!

The school in the Thalahena community in Sri Lanka now has a new school thanks to our many generous contributors! We are incredibly excited to share this news with you along with photos of the student’s that will be attending this school (above) and a picture of the school itself (below). Thanks again to all […]

An interview with Robin Wiszowaty

Robin Wiszowaty is the Kenya program director with Free the Children, and oversaw the construction our very first project in Emori Joi. Robin was born and raised in Schaumburg, Illinois, but she currently splits her time between Toronto and her adoptive home of Kenya. In her early twenties, Robin went to live in a Masai […]

Tua Primary – Ghana

A new year also brings Building Walls of Wisdom a new project! With the successful completion of the fundraising required for the Sri Lanka project just last month, we thought we would start this year off right with an updated website and another great opportunity to help a community in need. This year we will […]

Sri Lanka is a go!

Building Walls of Wisdom is thrilled to announce that we have now reached our fundraising goal for our next school house in Sri Lanka. This is an exciting step as in just under two years, BWoW (thanks to our generous contributors) has been able to secure funding for three projects! The community of Thalahena in […]