Construction begins in Tua!

The construction at Tua Primary in Northern Ghana has started! Teams are have started molding the blocks that will be used as the walls for this new building that will be enjoyed by students and faculty alike. Since this is the most time consuming part of the construction phase, we predict the new school will be up in no time. We are thrilled to share this progress report and can’t wait to let you know when the building is finished!

In case you are curious as to what else goes into a project of this type, feel free to take a look at the material breakdown for this project.

Item Quantity Budgetary %
River sand for mouding blocks to clad 4 classrooms 5 trips 11%
Cement for moulding blocks, building, plastering, rendering, etc. 125 bags 15%
Smooth sand for laying and plastering 3 trips 3%
Aggregate for screeding and concrete works 2 trips 6%
½” rods for veranda 30 pieces 4%
Emulsion paint 21 buckets 4%
Corrugated sheet for veranda 4 packets 9%
Wood for the veranda and raising of the building 109 pieces 19%
1X2 wawa for frame works 25 pieces 2%
Nails, felt, and binding wire Assorted 1%
Door fans for 4 classrooms 8 pair 14%
Desks 44 12%
Plaque 1 1%

Please note that the above budgetary percentages are exclusive of workmanship, transportation, and any contingency fees.

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