Full Circle for Building Walls of Wisdom founder in Kenya

A message from BWoW’s founder.

Sitting in a coffee shop two years ago I started composing an email about my experiences with poverty and how they had affected me. I shared that after a decade of traveling the world in search of a more meaningful understanding of the world we inhabit, how nothing had affected me more completely or wounded me more deeply than witnessing the needless human suffering caused by absolute poverty.

I wrote about how education is a great equalizer and one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty. I created Building Walls of Wisdom’s mission to eradicate poverty through the development of education in some of the most impoverished community on earth. Not knowing how people would respond, I entered fifty email addresses and then did something terrifying…I hit send.

Then an amazing thing happened. In a matter of months over 40 individuals from all over the world joined Building Walls of Wisdom and we raised the funds necessary to build our first school in Emori Joi Kenya.

Last week I had an extraordinary opportunity to visit the Emori Joi community.

When I arrived at the school all of the teachers lined up to shake my hand and I met Philip, the very proud principal of 657 students in which half are girls. As a powerful feeling of gratitude washed over me I knew that I would never forget the day I got to see with my own eyes the difference Building Walls of Wisdom had made.

Robin Wiszowaty a personal hero of mine and the Director of Free The Children Kenya spent the day giving us a personal tour of the classrooms, water projects, health clinic and all of the amazing things happening in the region. Everyone I met during my short stay in Emori Joi was intelligent, joyful and beaming with pride. These are the images of poverty that will continue to inspire me to fight for a world in which every child has an opportunity to go to school, a world in which basic needs are met, a world we are proud to live in.

Thank you for all your support and sharing Building Walls of Wisdom’s dream.


  • That’s awesome, Mr. Morgan. Best wishes for the funds for the next school in Ghana, hopefully you can visit more schools soon!

    Tasha KrellMarch 30, 2011
  • Mr. Morgan. Fantastic work! The world needs more people like you… If in your travels you come across large orphanages that provide in-house schooling to the children, please let me know. Cheers. AKA

    Alex KrellMarch 31, 2011
  • Beautifully written – you are eloquent as always. It is such an honor to partner with Building Walls of Wisdom and to be able to call you a friend. Emori Joi is awaiting your next visit!!
    Genuinely, Robin

    RobinApril 5, 2011

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