Kenya build complete!

We are excited to announce that our 2009 Kenya project in the Emori Joy region is now complete. Alongside this news we were also provided with the following update:

“The students in the Emori Joi community are excited to start a new school year. The pupils have now joined new grades and are looking forward to a fruitful year and new topics in their school curriculum. The enrollment rate is currently at 576 pupils and is still rising especially with the continued support with the lunch feeding program. All scholarship students also reported back to school and are in a new grade. We now have 8 students in their final year of secondary school.

Other exciting news is that an award ceremony for all 8 of our Kenyan communities was held on February 10th, giving prizes for communities for their performance and Emori Joi’s schools took:

  • 1st place for best environmental club
  • 1st place for best health club
  • 3rd place for highest marks

Further, a deworming exercise was conducted to all the pupils at Emori Joi. A total of 587 pupils were dewormed. Deworming is done once every 3 months and helps to promote the health of students in the community.

We are very happy to share all of this great news, and will be providing a more detailed community report in the spring – along with actual pictures of the school that was built. Thanks again to all of the contributors that helped bring this project from an idea to a school that is now enjoyed by the Emori Joy community.


  • Congratulations – great to hear the updates and look forward to hearing more – pictures of the kids in the classroom would be great.

    Rick WilmotMarch 1, 2010
  • Hey Rick,

    Thanks for the comment, we hope to get pictures of the final build this spring (ideally with picture of the kids inside). None of this would have been possible without your contribution!

    russApril 1, 2010
  • Hey Russ and everyone. This is terrific work! Keep it up. We’ll be praying for the continued success of your projects. God bless all of you!

    Alex and Jan

    Alex BorromeoApril 22, 2010

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