Young Philanthropists Baking a Difference


We are thrilled to receive even more support from American Community School in Abu Dhabi! Most recently, the support has come from five driven students.

Back in May, the self-proclaimed ACS Global Girls decided they wanted to make a difference in the world. Inspired by their work in “Roots and Shoots” as well as other volunteer experiences, the girls agreed that education would be their cause. Having heard of, and participated in previous Building Walls of Wisdom fundraisers, the ACS Global Girls set to work on organizing a BuildWoW Bake Sale.

The five 3rd grade students (age 9) contacted the school administration to acquire permission and from there on created promotional posters, raised awareness, and then baked hundreds of goods ranging from cookies and brownies, to cupcakes and tarts.

As the day of the bake sale approached the girls’ filmed a promotional video that was shown on the weekly school announcements. They were sending a clear message; help us help BuildWoW, to help others. The day of the sale proved to be a melee in elementary school atrium as hundreds of kids lined up to purchase the items the girls had prepared. Within 25 minutes, the tables were cleared and all items were sold. The girls raised just over $300.00!!

At the end of the event, the smiles on the faces ACS Global Girls clearly demonstrated their happiness over the success of the bake sale. After learning that they were going to help build a school in Nicaragua, one of the girls commented:

“It feels really good to help others.”

With initatives like this, we are reminded that age is not a limiting factor when it comes to helping others. Thank you to all of the ACS Global Girls! – Abby M., Margaux D., Yewon M., Nayoung Y., Do Yeun P.


  • Well done Girls!! Your kindness and hard work will make a difference! Your work will mean children across the world will be able to get educated – like you!!

    Keep up the good work! And tell your friends :))

    Sharlene Crage

    Sharlene CrageNovember 12, 2013

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