Unbelievable Milestone | Reaching our 10 year goal!

Launching a non-profit organization from scratch with no experience in 2009 with the lofty goal of building 10 schools in 10 years was incredibly ambitious, maybe even bordering on a little crazy. However, we could have never predicated the unbelievable encouragement and support we would receive from dozens of remarkable individuals all over the world. It is because of your inspiration, encouraging words and financial contributions that we have reached our 10-year goal of completing 10 school projects almost six years ahead of schedule! We are both grateful and empowered by the individuals who make up the Building Walls of Wisdom community and we are proud that our collective efforts have built schools in Kenya, Ecuador and Sri Lanka, Ghana and Nicaragua giving close to 700 children access to education.

Thank you, we have never been closer to living in a world where every child has the opportunity to go to school. We remain committed to help making this change one child, one classroom, one community at a time.

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