Unbelievable Milestone | Reaching our 10 year goal!

Launching a non-profit organization from scratch with no experience in 2009 with the lofty goal of building 10 schools in 10 years was incredibly ambitious, maybe even bordering on a little crazy. However, we could have never predicated the unbelievable encouragement and support we would receive from dozens of remarkable individuals all over the world. […]

City School meets BuildWoW

On November 2nd, Building Walls of Wisdom was invited to speak to the students at City School in Toronto. We shared with the students how living in developing countries differs to first World cities, like Toronto. Examples of disparity between the first and 3rd world were presented; for example, Canada has a clean, household water […]

Ghana project video update

Building Walls of Wisdom is happy to share a video that outlines our current project in Ghana. In this video you will see where our building will be constructed and you will hear from the individuals whose lives will benefit from its construction. Enjoy!

Tua Primary – Ghana

A new year also brings Building Walls of Wisdom a new project! With the successful completion of the fundraising required for the Sri Lanka project just last month, we thought we would start this year off right with an updated website and another great opportunity to help a community in need. This year we will […]