Senior Night at ACS Abu Dhabi

Recently, as senior class from the American Community School of Abu Dhabi went above and beyond to help the community of Tua in Ghana.

This group of students banded together (no pun intended) and put on Senior Night – an event full of music, dances, and many other well received performances. There was a lot of hard work and many motivations that went into putting on this event, but instead of hearing it from us; we thought it best to share the class’ perspective:

As high school seniors, none of us are truly able to get over the nostalgia of ‘lasts’. Everything we do is our last, our last spirit week, our last assembly, our last sports tournament, our last lunch with friends, and our last memories together. From this sentiment, came the idea of Senior Night: The Final Show, a chance for the seniors to work together on a project that would leave an impact on each other, their community, and most importantly, those fighting for an education while barely surviving in the worst conditions. The idea of giving back education as we completed ours opened our hearts to the close to home organization, Building Walls of Wisdom. In choosing an organization, we focused on one that would create a cycle of education, one that would soon inspire the students who received aid, to pay it forward. Lastly, being able to watch the effect of our hard work literally transform classrooms in Tua Primary school, made the entire service project that much more personal. We had a month to put together an amazing show; three rehearsals later, a lot of stress; sweat and tears coupled with laughs, hugs and music opened the curtains for The Class of 2011’s Final Show. It was an hour and a half of lasts, as some played in their last high school band, others had their last chance to perform a dance for their friends, and some even created parodies of their teachers as a one last sarcastic bow to the years of homework and detention. Raising almost $1,300, Senior Night was the most successful service project ACS has seen in a while, as the students were inspired to put on their best foot forward while performing for the children at Tua primary school, and came together because they realized it would be one of the last times they could truly impact reach out and make an impact together.

– ACS Abu Dhabi Senior Class 2011

BWoW would like to thank this class for all of their hard work, helping to educate others about Tua Primary, and their contribution to this project. We believe that these students truly deserve a standing ovation.

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