Ghana – Adubiliyili [2011]

The 6th project taken on by BuildWoW, 3rd in Ghana, also happens to be the biggest challenge we have taken on to date. The remote community of Adubiliyili in Northern Ghana is truly committed to providing education to their youth. In 2004, the parents of the community came together to raise enough funds to build a three classroom school house. They then used their own hands to form the mud blocks and erected a simple school house to give their children a place to learn.

Project Overview – July, 2011


Project Update – December, 2011

On May 2nd, 2011, a terrible thing happened. A big storm hit one evening. In the morning, the students and teachers came to school only to find the school block in complete ruins. The building had collapsed and had destroyed all furniture and teaching and learning materials that the school had acquired over the years.

Adubiliyili Primary has one remaining school block, but it is riddled with giant cracks that are in desperate need of repair. The teachers worry that second school block could also collapse. This building is still used for Grades 3 to Grades 6.
For pre-school, kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2, the students currently sit under the trees, but teachers have no supplies to teach them with. The teachers are seriously distressed about how they are expected to teach without a school, furniture, or any school supplies whatsoever.

The amazing thing is both teachers and students come to school every day, and no one has given up hope but rather remained determined to learn. We encourage everyone to share this story and make a contribution to help bring a new structurally sound school block to a community that is so passionate about learning.


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