Many Flags One Heart at AIS Kuwait

The Building Walls of Wisdom’s founder, Geoff Morgan, was recently invited to speak at the American International School in Kuwait as part of their International Day celebration.

During the opening assembly he shared some of his experiences, a few of his dreams and the story of Building Walls of Wisdom with an audience of over 1400 students and faculty. At the conclusion of his presentation he was deeply honored and humbled to accept the largest single donation in BWOW’s history! The large contribution was generated through the “Many Flags One Heart” T-shirt sales that took place in anticipation of his visit.

A couple of days following the visit, Building Walls of Wisdom was thrilled to receive the following message from the school.

“I write with the drums and voices of International Day throbbing in the background! What a spectacular success! Thank you to everyone for, once again, making this a highlight of the year. It was especially great to have Geoff Morgan come home to AIS. His message about the Walls of Wisdom Project was heartfelt and effective. He has shown what a great impact one caring person can have. Thank you Geoff!”

Russ McLean, Superintendent – American International School of Kuwait.

At Building Walls of Wisdom, we believe that raising awareness of the disparity that exists in the world and our ability to create profound change is equally as important as the schools we build. Inspiring others (especially the youth of today) to act as global citizens is imperative in our mission in eradicating poverty.

We would like to thank the American International School for the unique and edifying opportunity to share our message.

Saying this, we would like to challenge everyone that reads this post to talk to at least two people over the next couple of days about some of the staggering facts that highlight how an unacceptable percentage of humanity lives.

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