Half-way to a new school in Ecuador!

It is with great excitement that Building Walls of Wisdom can announce that we are just past the half-way mark for our second project. In just a couple of months many people have come together from around the world and help bring this project closer to reality.

We are thrilled to extend our thanks to both those who have decided to contribute for a second year in a row and those who are new contributors to Building Walls of Wisdom.


We would also like to make special note of some of the events and group based fund raising efforts that continue to help raise both awareness and funds for our projects. Events like the Abu Dhabi Ultimate Frisbee Tournament and groups like Mr. Fernandez’s Third Grade Class are just a couple of great examples. We encourage everyone interested to come up with unique and creative ways to help this cause. Feel free to share any ideas you have in the comments below, or send us an email.

Thanks again for everyone who has helped us get this far and to everyone that will help us reach our goal for a new school in Ecuador!

Header photo credit: bunchofpants on Flickr


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