From Oman to Ghana

Global Issues Network in Muscat, Oman Hosts Eco-Camp as a Fund Raiser

Thank you to Stacy Crowell, the students and community at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM), Oman for their tremendous support. Their generous contribution will go a long way in supporting the construction of a new school building in Adubiliyili, Ghana.

Stacy Crowell, GIN sponsor and TAISM teacher details how this initiative took shape in the following passage.

The Global Issue Network students at The American International School of Muscat, Oman held a series of fund-raisers this year to support Building Walls of Wisdom’s latest project in Ghana. The TAISM students met Geoff Morgan when ACS hosted a Global Issues conference in February. The students had already chosen education as their global issue to delve into for the year and were excited about the prospect of supporting Building Walls of Wisdom.

The most successful fund raising events this year were two Eco-Camp days. Over 2 weekends, one in December and again in May, over 40 high school and middle school students volunteered to lead a day-camp for 100+ elementary students. All of the Eco-Camp activities spread a message of environmental awareness and taught students how to take action on environmental issues. Elementary students learned about endangered species, then chose an endangered animal to have painted on their faces. They learned about children in water-deprived countries who have to walk long distances for water each day. They then raced in a relay to fill up their own water buckets, carrying their water across the basketball court. They learned about saving energy, then made ice-cream using only energy from their bodies!

The best part about this project is that the GIN students were able to volunteer on the local level but also raise money to make a difference on a global level. GIN raised 1,126 OR ($2,916) over the course of the year to support the school in Adubiliyili, Ghana.

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