Ecuador is a go!

After a great turn out to the Groove Diggers event held last weekend, Espresso matching all donations dollar for dollar, and all of the contributions we received over the last several weeks – we are thrilled to announce that we have secured funding for the construction of our second school!

We will be building this school within the Chimborazo province and will help improve the educational experience for some young Ecuadorians. In the coming weeks we will be working diligently with Free the Children to determine the exact community in which this school will be build. This decision will be based on the specific community that presents the greatest need. On average the construction of the school will take eight to twelve months to complete.

A monumental THANK YOU goes out to all of the people and groups that have contributed to this project as it couldn’t have been done without you.

If you would like to receive updates about this project or become a contributing member for our next project we would love to hear from you.

Header photo credit: eskararriba on Flickr

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