Yapala now has latrines!

We’re really excited about toilets today! We are proud to announce that our largest school built to date, now has latrines for the students and faculty to use. As you may know, latrines are a critical component to any community as they help with general sanitation, preventing contamination of local water supplies, and they play […]

Abu Dhabi Ultimate Tournament ’15

Another year, another great tournament to raise funds for BuildWoW! The ultimate players of Abu Dhabi have been long standing supporters of BuildWOW. This year’s Abu Ultimate Tournament brought together approximately 70 ultimate players. In the “spirit of the game” the participants had a phenomenal time playing and raising money for a great cause. Despite […]

Before photos from Arenera

Here are some of the current photos from the Arenera School in western Nicaragua. To learn more about this community, please visit our project page.

Ascencion Oviedo School is Complete!

We are proud to announce the completion of our Ascencion Oviedo project! In the place of a makeshift structure built of scrap metal and wood, stands a brand new classroom! The community gathered to celebrate the new school and we are happy to share some of the photos with our contributors & the BuildWoW community!

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament for BuildWoW

Long time BuildWOW supporters Jared Rogers, the American Community School in Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Ultimate Association organized an all-day Ultimate Frisbee tournament this month in which 100% of the donations went to support Building Walls of Wisdom. With participants from all over the Middle East this annual tournament has been a huge support […]

BuildWOW 2014 Fall Speaking Tour

Geoff had a busy few months this fall sharing the story of Building Walls of Wisdom and inspiring audiences around the world. He had the opportunity to speak at a number of schools in Canada and Asia including; his very own grade school St. Paul’s, Georgian College (our first college visit), and the Singapore American […]

BuildWoW featured in The National

The National newspaper in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) wrote a great article this month featuring Building Walls of Wisdom and the support our organization has received from a very dedicated school community in the UAE. To read more here.

Update for Ascencion Oviedo School, Nicaragua

We are happy to announce that the classroom is about 65% done! It is expected that the classroom will be complete in the next month. Extreme rain has delayed construction by a few days, which just shows how important this closed-in classroom really is for these students! Parents and children alike have been eager to […]

Send us your address!

As a small sign of deep appreciation, next month we are going to be sending a little something to everyone in the Building Walls of Wisdom community. In order to do that, we need to know where you live. Please complete the form below & watch your mail box in November. As always, your information […]

Jardines de Apoyo School Complete!

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the Jardines de Apoyo School in Masaya (Nicaragua). The inauguration was held in early July, with over 300 people attending the ceremony. The community members were so appreciative of the support received that they even organized a band, and parade to celebrate the opening of the new […]