Back to school

Our founder, Geoff Morgan, reflects on the back to school season.

Reading the newspaper this morning over a fresh cup of coffee a glossy “Back to School” flyer catches my attention. As a child these advertisements evoked feelings of dread and despair as their appearance meant that my carefree summer would soon be coming to an end. Today however, my perspective has changed and my feelings of anguish are replaced by a tremendous sense of gratitude when I think about all of the opportunities my education has given me.

Flipping through the pages advertising great deals on pencils, notebooks and staplers I wonder how many people realize that these simple items still remain out of reach for millions of children around the world. I imagine how much differently I would have approached school if I had an opportunity to meet someone like 12-year old Fuseini when I was his age. Fuseini lives in a small rural community in Northern Ghana where there is no funding for schools and students have no choice but to attend class in a dilapidated mud building exposed to the elements. Despite these wet and dirty conditions, amazingly both teachers and students come to school everyday, and no one has given up hope but rather remained determined to learn.

Once exposed to inspiring stories such as this, the hardship of others becomes impossible to ignore. The determination of these children to learn is deeply humbling and has been the catalyst in our decision to build a new school-block in their community. Raising the final $3400 dollars required for construction is now within reach and I hope that the construction of this school will help create a more tolerant and peaceful world.

As I finish my last mouthful of coffee I feel grateful for all the opportunities I have had in my life. I wonder as millions of students are heading back to class with their new backpacks, binders and pencil cases if they know that there are children like 12 year-old Fuseini?

Meet Fuseini:

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