Ghana | Yapala [2012]

Yapala Primary, Northern Ghana

Project fully funded.

Building Walls of Wisdom is proud to announce our 3rd project in Northern Ghana has now been constructed! In an community where its members often survive on an annual income of less than $400 dollars and the majority of people cannot read or write, there now sits a new 3 classroom block.

Check out some pictures of the finished product here!

Project overview

The peaceful, yet impoverished, community of Yapala in Northern Ghana is passionate about the education of their children. This community of mostly subsistence farmers, relying on their crops for survival, know that education is their childrens’ best hope for rising out of this poverty.

Years ago, this community worked together to build a three-classroom school out of mud. While the structure is somewhat flimsy, it shelters the students ranging from grades one to six. There, teachers supplied by the government do what they can with the little resources they have to work with.

With six classes squeezed into three classrooms, the small mud schoolhouse is currently overcrowded and fails not protect students and teachers from the rain. Throughout the rainy season, school is consistently cancelled, which severely affects teachers curriculum and students’ learning process as a whole.

Building Walls of Wisdom is looking to make a difference in Yapala by constructing a three classroom school house, made from quality cement bricks so it will last for decades to come. While the mud structure will continue to be used to facilitate some classes, the new school house will encourage learning and further support from regional and local government.

Like all Building Walls of Wisdom projects, after the completion of the new school, our charity partner will continue to monitor and work with parents and teachers at Yapala. Through supporting dialogue between teachers and parents, we will ensure that students are continuously encouraged and that their education remains a priority.

About the Community
Yapala is remote community in the East Gonja district of Northern Ghana. Yapala has a Total Population of 680 inhabitants according to the 2010 population census. The total literacy rate is 2.4% of the entire community made up of 0.9% for females and 1.5% for males. The community got access to formal Education only in 2002 before then, the only form of literacy education that was available in the community was “SCHOOL FOR LIFE”.

“School for Life was a form of literacy training that was meant to trained older children who did not get the chance to enroll in school. It was during this period that they realized the importance of Education and then requested for their community to be given a formal school.”

Currently there are only 16 literate people in the community made up of 6 females and 10 males.

The average classroom size should contain 45 pupils.