Ecuador: Class is in session!

250 students in the community of Chismaute in Ecuador are enjoying their new school thanks to BuildWoW contributors. We are happy to share with you the photo below along with the 2011 report for this community. Through the hard work of the local community and our partners, this construction for this project finished in January […]

Ecuador school is under construction

We are pleased to share that we are close to a new school in the Chismaute community in Ecuador. As you can see by the picture above and below that we are very close to transforming local children into students. Stay tuned and we will let you know when classes start!

Ecuador here we come…

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that for our project in 2010 we will be building a school in Ecuador. Within the Ecuadorian community we will be working in, only 10% of children go on to secondary school and the male literacy rate is 70% whereas female literacy is only 40%. By building […]