Kenya [2009]

100A new schoolhouse/classroom has been erected to help with the expansion of the Emori Joi School in response to the many children that are in need of education in that region. As this school has seen their attendance grow incrementally each year—especially for girls this project will provide improved access to education for the Emori Joi community.

In this part of Kenya classrooms are housed as independent buildings and a collection of 10-15 are centred around a common field to form a school.  Building Walls of Wisdom is thrilled to announce that as of August 17th, 2009, we have secured funding for the construction of our first school! Thank you for everyone who has shared in our dream to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who do not have the educational opportunities that we enjoyed.

Community Reports
In order to keep informed of changes in the Emori Joi community, Free the Children provides us with bi-annual reports on an ongoing basis:

About Kenya

Kenya is a regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa. The nation’s economy relies heavily on its tourism industry—with the Maasai Mara being among East Africa’s most popular tourist destinations for travellers from around the world. Kenya is also a prime example of a country that has developed a profitable niche export—it is the largest supplier of cut flowers to Europe.

Despite its many assets, Kenya has its share of poverty. The region has experienced periods of interrupted but intense drought over the past decade, leaving a devastating impact on its agricultural output and economy. Thousands of Kenyan farmers lost vast amounts of land and cattle in the droughts, many of whom ended up in urban slums, begging on the street.

In a 2005 United Nations report assessing the Millennium Development Goals in Kenya, it was estimated that about 17 million Kenyan citizens, or 56 percent of the population, were living in poverty. The report also states that about two million Kenyans are permanently on food relief.

Having visited a number of villages in the Massai Mara region, the founder of Building Walls of Wisdom can personally attest to the need of the children in this area. Please considering joining us in creating positive change for one of these communities.


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