Sri Lanka [2010]

Thalahena, Sri Lanka

Project fully funded.

Building Walls of Wisdom is thrilled to announce that we have now reached our fundraising goal for our school house in Sri Lanka. This is an exciting step as in just under two years, BWoW (thanks to our generous contributors) has been able to secure funding for three projects!

The community of Thalahena in Sri Lanka, will now be looking forward to their new school house. To learn more about this specific community please take a look at the most recent community report.

Thanks again for everyone that has helped to fight poverty through the creation of this specific educational institution within Sri Lanka. We look forward to sharing our next project with you in the new year.If you would like to be informed of when our next project will be posted, please email us at buildingwallsofwisdom[at]gmail[dot]com.

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