Nicaragua | Arenera [2015]

Leon, Nicaragua

Project fully funded.

The Arenera School in western Nicaragua was founded in 1990 to serve the surrounding four communities.

Until a proper school was built in 1996, the students learned in a house donated by a local family. After several earthquakes and aftershocks, part of the school was damaged beyond repair. Now, some students are learning outdoors while others have to take shifts under the roof for shade (see some photos here). BuildWoW has now rebuilt one classroom to help the students learn in safe and secure environment without getting distracted.

About the community:
The Arenera community is extremely impoverished. This community consists of 300 families, with an average of 4 children per family, and an average monthly income of $116 USD. Single mothers are the head of the household in 70% of families in this community. Many of these women did not complete primary school, because they began working to support their families. The community is eager to rebuild this classroom and see their children succeed in school in ways they could not.

About the build:
We have built a single, fully furnished classroom, that will hold up to 50 of the 191 students that attend the Arenera school. The seven teachers at the school teach grade levels ranging from kindergarten to grade 6.