Nicaragua | Gabriela Tabora [2019]

Chinandega, Nicaragua

The school is built! Help us with supplies.

Gabriela Tabora is located 90 km away from Chinandega in the extremely rural community of Paso Hondo.

This school started 60 years ago, and at the time it was the only one in the area to offer basic primary education. The teachers dedicated their lives to ensuring that the community would have a brighter future through education, however, there was no money for ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the structure. The school fell into extreme disrepair and has also been damaged by earthquakes.

The principal says since the classrooms are made of adobe (packed wood, grass and stones),

“Every time the earth trembles, the buildings get
new cracks. The classroom is a health and safety hazard.”

There are 45 students from grade 3-5 who are studying in one structurally unsound adobe classroom that has sustained considerable earthquake damage. Often the kids have to leave the classroom to work on their lessons on the outdoor patio because it is incredibly dark and hot inside the classroom.

The principal dreams of a bright and safe learning environment for her students and the community are committed to helping in any way they can with the construction. Let’s work together to build these children new classrooms that will serve them and the community for generations to come.

BuildWoW will be working to bring this community one classroom with the second being funded by our charity partner SchoolBox.

School Statistics:

  • 135 Students
  • 8 Teachers
  • Grade 1 to Grade 6

Community Statistics:

  • 375 Families
  • Avg 5 Children per Family
  • Avg Family Salary: $105 US/mth

Project Breakdown

  • 1 classroom: $22,000
  • Classroom Tools: $1,100 (Desks, chairs, whiteboard)