Kenya | Mwanganza [2012]

Mwanganza, Kenya (our second school)

Project fully funded.

The Murphy Project, a Building Walls of Wisdom chapter, was launched in 2011 and they have done much to impact the small community of Mwangaza (Omomet). As of August 2012, they raised enough awareness and funds to build their second school house in this great community.

Project overview
Omomet, known better by most as Mwangaza, is located in Rongena sub-location, Narok South District, Kenya.

This community of Kipsigis is comprised of over 2650 villagers, including approximately 400 school-age children. The Kipsigis are a pastoralist tribal group that originated in Sudan and moved into the Kenyan region in the 18th century.

A 2010 assessment revealed that this community is most defined in need of increased educational infrastructure. This study found that 80% of men, and 90% of women in the community were illiterate. The factors that have historically contribute to this lack of education include the distances required to travel for school, low household income limiting the ability to meet school fees, an extreme shortage of learning spaces, early marriage, poor health conditions, and of course hunger and malnutrition.

This lack of educational infrastructure is impacting the community’s ability to send their children to school. In fact, as of 2010, only 134 of the 400 school-aged children in the community attended school. This was due to the fact that the current school, and teachers, only had the capacity to educate those from Nursery school age to grade three (now grade four thanks to the Murphy Project!). In short, this community lacked, and currently lacks, the ability to provide a full primary education to their children.