Nicaragua | Jardines de Apoyo [2013]

Jardines de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Project fully funded & constructed.

Building Walls of Wisdom is proud to announce our 10th project! We will now be working to fund of our 2nd school in Nicaragua. We will be contributing one classroom, one latrine and school supplies to School of Jardines de Apoyo, a school with around 90 students.

Project overview

Located in Nicaragua, the community of Jardines de Apoyo currently has eager students, but no real classrooms to speak of. Students are currently being taught under temporary structures made of metal, and two catering tents. In order to present their lessons, teachers use chalk on the side of of one of these tents, and a partially shattered whiteboard that they must take home daily for fear of theft.

With enrollment on the rise, the Ministry of Education has agreed to continue to pay the local educators salaries & ensure the upkeep of the new building – All we need to do is get them a new school!

Building Walls of Wisdom will be funding one classroom of this new 3-4 classroom block, with the remainder of the classrooms being funded by our partner SchoolBox.

About the Community

The community of Jardines de Apoyo is located just outside of Masaya, about 30 minutes south of the capital of Managua.

The community was relocated after their houses were destroyed during an earthquake and subsequent flooding a few years ago. It is a very poor community with an average family salary of about $100 a month