Ghana | Tua [2011]

Tua Primary, Northern Ghana

Project fully funded.

Building Walls of Wisdom is excited to take on a project in Northern Ghana. With an approximate illiteracy rate of 44% and a primary school in need of a new building, the decision came quite naturally.

Northern Ghana is one of the poorest regions in the country with the majority of the population being rural subsistence farmers surviving on less then a dollar a day. As such, quality education is a critical component to this community growing beyond their currently impoverished state.

Schools in rural northern Ghana receive very little attention and there is absolutely no funding for maintenance or upkeep. As such, existing schools often become more of a safety hazard than a structure that can support education. Because of this, most rural communities have no option but to accept the poor quality of the school their children attend. Without access to proper educational materials, and a decent school building, education at rural schools suffers – which brings us to Tua primary school.

The 230 students at Tua Primary, ranging in age from 2-13 years old, currently have access to three indoor classrooms and one outdoor classroom set up on one side of a school house. The outdoor classroom is what requires the most attention. This “classroom” consists of an aluminum roof that was extended from the adjacent schoolhouse. With no walls, the students are subject to the elements as well as disruptions from passers by and motorists. In the dry season, high wind often blows the faces of students and teachers making learning almost impossible. When it rains, classes are of course cancelled and the distractions of passers by and motorists makes for a less than effective school year.

Building Walls of Wisdom is thrilled  to create a new classroom for Tua Primary and education materials. The prospect of benefiting hundreds of students by giving them a real opportunity to go to high school and beyond is why we cannot wait to see this new building constructed.

We are happy to say that, after successfully raising the funds required, the build is now complete. In fact, due to all of the hard work of the community, we were able to build two classrooms instead of one. Read all about it here.

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