Ghana | Kulaa [2013]

Kulaa, Ghana

Project fully funded.

The Murphy-Hull Project, a Building Walls of Wisdom chapter, was launched in 2011 and has been raising funds to help communities in need of educational infrastructure. This project is no different & is in fact the first project they have taken on in Ghana.

Project overview
Kulaa is a very remote community in Northern Ghana and extremely poor. The community has been fortunate enough to have had a three classroom school house built by Ghana Education Services a few years ago. The previous schoolhouse they were using collapsed in a storm, so now the school which ranges from grade one to grade six have been crowded into three classrooms.

When the previous schoolhouse was destroyed, so was the ability for rain water to be captured into the community’s harvesting tank. Now, the students once again are at school without clean drinking water. Most students bring dam water which they and their mothers fetch from a nearby dam.
In order to help this community, we will be constructing a pavilion classroom beside the rain water harvesting tank that was previously constructed for the school. Firstly, a pavilion will provide a cost-efficient classroom that teachers can use for any class that is particularly crowded. The additional teaching space will most definitely improve the students’ ability to stay focused instead of being distracted by other activities taking place in their classrooms.

Secondly, the construction of a pavilion classroom will ensure that the existing rain water harvesting tank can continue to provide clean water for the entire primary school. Without the provision of an aluminum roof, it is simply impossible for the current tank to gather any water at all.

All construction has been completed & students are using the facility daily!