Ghana | Kpunduli [2017]

Kpunduli, Ghana

Kpanduli water tank and furniture

Project fully funded.


Kpunduli primary is located in the Nantong district in Ghana’s Northern Region. The majority of its inhabitants are subsistence farmers, and the community lives in extreme poverty, with food security being a continuous issue.

The primary school does not have access to safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing and is still using the available water from a nearby dam. Children at Kpunduli Primary are not able to wash their hands or practice safe hygiene as they do not have access to water, and many have to leave the classroom and go all the way back to their homes just to drink. With temperatures sometimes exceeding 40 degrees celsius, students are frequently leaving class without coming back, dramatically impacting their classroom time.

Furthermore, the furniture in the Kindergarten classroom was made of wood, but due to the harsh nature of the climate and the children’s appetite for play, the furniture is falling apart. Many students sit on the floor in class.


In order to provide clean water, a polytank water reservoir at Kpunduli primary school would provide clean water for months on end. The polytank would collect water in the raining season which is disinfected and ready for use within two weeks. During the dry season, water can be bought, delivered by a tankard to fill the polytank for use periodically.

New furniture constructed from both metal tubing combined with wood seats would provide long lasting furniture that can withstand both the weather and the active children that use them every day.