Ghana | Kpanduli [2015]

Kpanduli, Ghana


Project fully funded.


Kpanduli is the of the most remote community that Building Walls of Wisdom has worked with, but one of the most supportive in terms of the impact we have been able to have on the quality of its primary education. It has a 3-classroom school that accommodates the small school population, however the large kindergarten class sits outside under the trees.


  • Increased enrollment in early childhood education
  • Increased enrolment in lower primary grades (1 – 3)
  • Improved learning for the kindergarten classroom
  • Increased interest by kindergarten teachers
  • Increased interest by parents in education

Why Kpanduli Primary?

  • Kpanduli is the poorest and most remote communities in Northern Ghana, making it less likely to be assisted by another NGO
  • There is an existing literacy program in place at Kpanduli Primary, which has the highest attendance rate (over 80% of enrolled students attend reading club)!
  • It has the highest rate of gender inequality in primary school, where no girls have made it to grades 5 or 6.