Lend your voice

As we have just finished funding our current project, we are now looking towards our next endeavour. As this is our 10th project, we want your help in selecting it! We have two very deserving projects in two different parts of the world; Ghana & Nicaragua.

Please read all about the two projects below, then visit Facebook page and vote!

Voting ends March 22nd!

Villa Japon School, Nicaragua

Voggu-Kishibu, Ghana

With over two hundred students, the current five-classroom school block is overcrowded with three classes being forced to conduct lessons outside. Some students learn under a roof overhang, while others meet in makeshift classrooms of scrap wood, metal, and plastic.

These structures were proudly built by parents, but they do not protect the children from the rain or other elements. Children sit on rocks in class and have very few school supplies. This project includes the construction of one classroom, furniture, school supplies, and two latrines.
With over two hundred and fifty students currently using a school block that is falling apart, the community is in desperate need of help. The students can’t fit into the decrepit three classroom building, so an entire class learns under a thatch mat roof. This project will entail building a new classroom to offer additional room for the students and shelter during the rainy season. In addition, the new classroom will come fully furnished with 45 new desks!

The community is serious about education and has been considerably active in trying to source funding for a new school.