Bangkok for BuildWoW

Last month, long-time BuildWoW ambassador David Young, had the privilege of meeting up with two outstanding Grade 7 students Nop P. and Land T.

They are the founding members of the International School of Bangkok BuilWoW club. Comprised of 20 members, all middle school students, Nop told David the idea of the club came about after hearing founder Geoff Morgan speak at ISB last October. The words “small changes can make a difference” inspired the boys to contact Geoff and organize a club at ISB.

The students learned the requirements to start a club, found a teacher sponsor, and recruited other members. Through a bake sale and donations from staff, students, parents and friends, the club raised 15 690 baht (about $500) over first half of second semester and recently presented the funds to our ambassador David Young.

Nop and Land are outstanding young people who model what it means to be caring global citizens. They told us that they chose education improvement as their focus because “education allows people to take care of themselves, have a job, a good income, and be better people – education is the key to change everything”.

The boys are excited about the club’s future and plan to be involved with BuildWoW for their remaining years at ISB and beyond. They told David their immediate goals were to find other interesting ways to fundraise, and spread awareness.

BKK Students Helping

Photo (l-r) Nop, David Young, Land

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